Monday, January 27, 2014


After I wrote my last post I had a little surprise call from one of my Social Workers to say that they found out a file was for pulled for me. So, I have been waiting this past two weeks on a proposal for a 6 year old boy with Downs. I was not expecting anything until next month ( at least ) but I guess God has other plans for January:) I have received the pictures and videos but am waiting on the official written part. It should be arriving this week.

I would ask that you pray that I would know God's leading to whether this little boy is to be my son. It is a decision that will take courage but also discernment from God. This little guy has not had the opportunity to spend most of his life loved in a family like most of us have and so he will need extra support and a lot of love. He hasn't been to school nor does he know what is waiting outside of the walls that he sees each day.

I want to follow Jesus and his will- I want to look to the cross and go forward knowing that God is with me and that he will give me wisdom in each decision I have to make. I am trusting that He is watching over my son whoever he is and where ever he is in Bulgaria.

In the next week I will be making a very big decision; one that will affect not just my life but the life of a gorgeous little guy. Please join me in praying....

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