Sunday, March 29, 2015

8 Week Update

Wyatt has come so far! I am so proud of him.

A quick update on him.

The last three nights he has settled down much better at night and goes to bed well.  He sleeps 10-12 hours each night. He sleeps in his own room and sure loves the bed my Dad made for him. He generally sleeps folded in half (which if i tried i would not be able to move in the morning).

Food is getting easier for us but that is more because he has trained me well to know what texture and consistency he prefers. He likes it to be completely smooth and not too thick. He eats most of the meals I serve him and his spitting food has decreased a bit. Some days I have considered purchasing a pair of goggles and a splash guard. He is accepting drinks and prefers apple juice over water. We make sure he is getting a lot of healthy fats and so most meals are boosted with extra calories. He will take pieces of chocolate and last week enjoyed eating pieces of a meringue cookies.

He is quite verbal with sounds but the only words his says are "mama", "dada", "baba", "up" and "no". He likes to get peoples attention and let everyone know that he has arrived. You can sometimes hear us throughout the store or location. He thinks it is funny to startle people so he will make noise if someone is walking by.

His favourite toys are stuffed animals and sensory type toys. He loves his woody and brings him on most of our items. This week he figured out how to pull the string on his own. I think Woody will be his partner in crime for now.

He is hitting, biting, scratching and head butting very rarely these days which makes life much easier. This was his way of communicating if he was overwhelmed/overstimulated. He generally only directed it at Andrea and I.

He has made a friend and loves to interact with him. They are both considered non-verbal and so they interact with no words but lots of laughter and sound. It is fun watching them get to know each other.

Wyatt LOVES going for walks in the stroller and enjoys going out in our yard to sit and relax. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Wyatt has been getting every bug that is going around it seems. We started off with the flu in February and then got a cold. I was soooo excited as we were healthy! Then hello cold #2 came to visit this past weekend and today a fever and barfing joined the seal sounding cough.

This has meant that we have had many extra cuddles and lots of time at home. He sure is sweet. I am so grateful I have the next 7 months home with him as we navigate the future bugs in our journey.

The one thing i was worried about when i decided to become a Mom was cleaning up barf- I can say I have passed this test and God has given me the ability to stomach it. Thank you God!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

I am re-writing my about me page as things have changed in the past 2 years!

I am a late-twenty-something year old who is the eldest in a family of eight children. My five youngest siblings joined our family through adoption and have varying disabilities. I am so thankful that each of them have joined our family as it means life is never dull or boring.
I have my business degree as well as completed a diploma in disability studies. I work as an assistant at a baptist church on Vancouver Island and love my job. I get to interact with people everyday and am learning so much about the administrative aspects of a church. I love God and desire to serve him through the way I live.
I have always wanted to adopt and feel that God is saying now is the time. So, I am walking forward on this journey and trusting that God will lead me to a child who will become a “Keno”. I am requesting a child with Down Syndrome and know that there will be challenges ahead but the honour of being chosen to raise him/her will be worth every challenges. My brothers and Aunt add so much joy to my life and I see them as a huge blessing; never a burden. They are loved children of God who teach me new things all the time. I am excited to see who my child will be and I know that my faith will grow through this time.

I am an almost-thirty-year-old Mother of the sweetest little 7 year old. Wyatt made me a mommy through the gift of adoption. He is blessed with Down Syndrome and from Bulgaria. On January 31st, 2015 he walked out the centre doors and we officially started our life today.

I love my family and spend alot of time with my siblings, nephew, niece and parents. I am enjoying watching Wyatt get to know our family. He sure is a loved little guy and is blessed to have 3 Uncles and 1 Great-Auntie with Down Syndrome. I hope that one day in the nearer future he will also have a little brother who shares his extra chromosome and heritage as well.
I am currently on leave from my job and so right now I get to be a Mom full-time and i am loving every minute of it. I get to spend my days watching Wyatt explore his new world and i get to cheer him on as he learns new skills and hold his hand and tell him it is okay when he is scared. Life is amazing!