Wednesday, April 23, 2014

And We Now Wait...

I am at the process of my adoption where the paperwork is done for now and there is nothing I can do to rush the process or move it along any I am waiting....and waiting....

I am passing the time by:
  • sewing Wyatt's new quilts (one for his crib and one for his bed)
  • reading Adopted for Life by Russell Moore next up is The Connected Child
  • taking up jogging/running (before you get excited we are attempting a 5km run at the end of June- we just started last week and so we'll let you know how it goes)
  • gathering decorations for Wyatt's room
  • starting to think about hosting another auction in November as my last fundraiser (hopefully)
  • working hard
  • sewing blankets to bring to Bulgaria
  • collecting things that Wyatt will need once he comes home
  • checking my email too many times per day waiting for adoption news....
  • connecting with people who have wisdom and knowledge to share that will assist once Wyatt is home.
  • spending time with family!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

So this week my dossier is suppose to be making the trek to Ottawa! I do not know how long it will take for it to arrive or how long it will take for her to translate it but I do know that this is a step in the right direction. I am happy to see this next step happening and I am hoping that I do not have to redo any paperwork before it is submitted in Bulgaria.

I do not know how long it will take to be officially submitted and for me to get my official referral and invitation to come and meet Wyatt- but I do know that it should all be happening in the coming months. I cannot wait to start preparing my suitcases and have started to collect items to bring to play with Wyatt during our visits.

Wyatt I am getting closer to meeting you! I am getting soooo close to being fully funded and that has taken a lot of my anxiety away. Thank you for the ways you have given and supported me thus far.

Thursday, April 3, 2014


I have had people asking me if I am nervous about adopting and the answer is yes! I realize that my world is going to be changing drastically and that there will be times where I wonder what I have done. I know it is going to be challenging and hard some days. I know that it will take time to figure out how to best support Wyatt. He may not be willing to let me into his world when I meet him and bring him home- he will have to learn to trust me. It will be a process....

At the same time I am so excited and am ready to embrace what the future with Wyatt as my son holds. I am so excited to watch him discover life outside of four walls. I have gained so much experience and had the opportunity to advocate and support my brothers and so I will be able to use that knowledge to support Wyatt now. I have confidence that I am meant to be walking down this road and faith that God is walking with me and leading my steps. I love Wyatt with a deep love already and I haven't met him yet. I am ready to advocate for him and ensure that he is surrounded by people who will love and support him. I cannot wait to see him play with his cousins and to be spoiled by his Aunties and Uncles, Nana and Papa. I cannot wait to see him know what it is to have all his needs met. I cannot wait to see his experience what life on the Island is like and I hope he loves spending time outdoors.

Bottom line is Wyatt is worth fighting for. He is worth loving! He has been rejected by his first parents but he will be rejected no more by his family. I do not hold any bitter feelings towards his birth family as they live in a country where people with disabilities are not valued or recognized as important members of society. He has been hidden away and lived his life in a crib mostly. That is what they know to do- the good news is that things are changing. Institutions are shutting down and the children are being moved into family type facilities. They are moving towards positive changes and I hope that it will also include a switch in parents keeping their children and seeing that they are valuable and worth loving.