About Me

I am an almost-thirty-year-old Mother of the sweetest little 7 year old. Wyatt made me a mommy through the gift of adoption. He is blessed with Down Syndrome and from Bulgaria. On January 31st, 2015 he walked out the centre doors and we officially started our life today.

I love my family and spend alot of time with my siblings, nephew, niece and parents. I am enjoying watching Wyatt get to know our family. He sure is a loved little guy and is blessed to have 3 Uncles and 1 Great-Auntie with Down Syndrome. I hope that one day in the nearer future he will also have a little brother who shares his extra chromosome and heritage as well.
I am currently on leave from my job and so right now I get to be a Mom full-time and i am loving every minute of it. I get to spend my days watching Wyatt explore his new world and i get to cheer him on as he learns new skills and hold his hand and tell him it is okay when he is scared. Life is amazing!

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