Sunday, March 30, 2014

Auction Update!

The latest total for the auction is $4119.50 and we still have a few payments coming in! This means that I am $3715 away from being fully funded! It looks like it will only cost $32,000 instead of $35,000 for Wyatt's Adoption and so in $3715 I will be at $32,000!!!

Thank you to everyone who has sacrificially given and loved Wyatt. I cannot wait to meet him and tell him about how loved he is.

Friday, March 21, 2014

World Down Syndrome Day

God willing Wyatt will be home next March 21st and so we will be able to celebrate his extra chromosome together!

Some pictures of people in my life who are blessed with Down Syndrome! They each bring so much life and joy to my life.  Some are apart of the Keno family and others are friends from my camp days. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Together We Have Raised.....

....over $3800 from the online auction!! Thank you to each and everyone who joined in! I hope that each of you had fun while we raised the remaining fees for trip one and my Bulgarian Agency fees. The only things I have left to raise are the traveling, transportation, food and accommodations for trip two!

March Update

Instead of things flying it seemed that there is a pause in the process. I was waiting for my dossier to be sent for translation and my agency was waiting for me to send them another form (which I didn't realize they didn't have it). So next week that form will be complete and sent to my BC agency. That means hopefully in the beginning of April that my dossier will start the translation and authentication process.  I am guessing that means that I could be travelling in June or July which means that it will likely be after Christmas that Wyatt comes home. I am trying to take it all in stride realizing that it will be God's timing. The bonus is that if he isn't able to come home until January that I will be off until the September which means I will be able to transition him into school.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Counting My Blessings

My heart is overflowing with joy because of so many things.
  • I released how much I deeply love doing respite. I am so thankful for the three boys who spend time at our house. I prayed that our house would be a safe place for people to come and it seems that it is exactly that.
  • I am hosting an online auction starting this Saturday to help raise some of the remaining $12,000 I need to raise. People have been so generous and for that I am so grateful.
  • I was able to find a used stroller for a really good deal. It will be able to serve Wyatt for at least a few years (depending on how fast he grows). I will be able to bring him to the beach in it and on the trails around the Island. This means I can introduce him to all my favourite spots.
  • We have decided that we will stay in our currently place until after Wyatt is settled in (if we move it involves too much paperwork and extra money). We will eventually move to a house with more bedrooms but for now we will continue to live in our cute yellow house.
  • Today my BG agency was inquiring about me hiring a "Baba" - a grandma to spend 20 hours a week with Wyatt and they found out that he will be moving on March 24th. He is moving from the institution to a family type home where there will just be 12 children. I think this is a good thing for him and I hope it will help with his transition to our home. I am praying that God grants him favour with the new staff. The added bonus is that he is moving to the city that I would have been staying at anyways if I were to have been going to the institution to visit him. So it will mean a shorter taxi ride for our visits. God is good!
  • Wyatt is a Reeces Rainbow child and so that means the grant I have mentioned is through them! I will have my Family Sponsor Page up in the coming weeks. I will not be able to have any cute pictures of him on their once I am identified as the person who is adopting him due to the rules of my agency. But don't worry once he is officially mine and home there will be many pictures and videos posted.
  • My sister is saving my nephews size 4 clothes for Wyatt and I have been collecting size 5 clothes as I find them at consignment stores or on major clearance. There are still alot of things I will need to buy but I am enjoying preparing for him. He even will get to wear a "I love my Mom" shirt. When I visit him on my first trip I will be measuring him and finding out exactly what size he is.
  • I am also starting to research special cups and feeding tools that will assist Wyatt in eating. From his paperwork he doesn't know how to eat anything except pureed food and that likely won't change for awhile. Good thing I have lots of experience pureeing food from my camp days. Although I do not think he will have the pleasure of enjoying hot dogs until he is able to shew ;) The international doctor I consulted with is worried that he aspirates and so we will be having that checked out once he is home. If you have any ideas or advice please let me know.
  • I have purchased fabric in the US (so much cheaper) and so soon I will start making Wyatt's curtains and quilt. My sister is helping me plan and will be helping with the decorating of Wyatt's Room.
  • I am so thankful for everyones support as I walk this journey. I am humbled in a way that I have never experienced. Some people think I have lost my marbles but that it is okay and I trust that when they met Wyatt that they will fall in love with him.