Friday, January 10, 2014

Home Study Complete!

I thought it was time for me to update you on the progress of my adoption. Today I received my signed copy of my home study!! I am thankful to have another item completed.

Immigration is very back logged right now it seems and so it will likely be well into the spring that I receive my pre-approval to adopt. After talking with my social worker we have decided that I will wait until I have my pre-approval or until I have a proposal before I send my dossier to be translated.

I am going for a blind referral and so this means that I am not allowed to pick a children who is listed on a site like Reeces Rainbow. My Bulgarian agency has an opportunity each month to see what children are available from the Ministry of Justice. The MOJ lists the children that are available and it appears to be the first week of the month. The system in Bulgaria is that agencies are able to "pull" a file for two months. During that time they work to find a family to commit to adopt the child. After that time if the child doesn't have a committed family the file is returned to the MOJ and is listed once again.

In December, there were two boys with Down Syndrome that were listed and they were younger than I was originally thinking and so by the time I was able to give my okay to pull the files they were already "pulled".This month there was three boys with Down Syndrome that were older then I am approved for and so I will wait for another month. I have been approved for a boy with Down Syndrome between the ages of 18 months and 5 years old. I originally was going to request an older child but I have decided that a younger child will be a better fit at this time. So we will see if February is my lucky month!

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