Friday, January 31, 2014

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Six years ago when I was living in Lethbridge working and preparing for my dear friend Emily's wedding there was a baby that was born in Bulgaria. He was born to a Roma couple and he was blessed with designer genes. He weighed almost the same as my brother Brent and I have no doubt he was adorable.

He has spent  almost all his life living in state care and is ready to have a Mom and family to call his own. Someone to care for him when he is healthy and sick, happy and sad, scared or feeling adventurous.

I am not allowed to post pictures of him until he is officially mine but I can tell you he has Roma colouring and is around the size of a 3 year old. He has recently learned to walk and is developmentally very delayed. He will need a lot of love and support in the years ahead but I am prepared and will continue to prepare so that I can provide it for him.

Today, I have signed and sent in my forms that say I would like to proceed with his adoption!!!! In the coming weeks I will be filling in paperwork and sending my first fee to Bulgaria. I am trusting and praying that his government will grant me the honour of being his mom.

Although his name will not officially change until I am granted the privileged of becoming his Mom  in court this little guy will no longer have to be called "my future son" or "the boy I am adopting" he will now be known as

Wyatt Timothy_________(his birth name-I will wait to share) Keno

Wyatt means strong and brave which I think is appropriate for all he has faced in his short life and the adjustment that is coming for him.

Timothy means to honour God. I love the meaning but the reason I have chosen Timothy is because of a man that I knew with that name. He was a man of God, who loved deeply and encouraged me to follow the desires of my heart. He told me that I would make a difference in the lives of people around me and he was such an honourable man. I am excited to tell Wyatt about Pastor Tim.
Pastor Tim's eldest son and family have adopted a daughter with Downs from Bulgaria as well.

I am looking forward to meeting him in the months ahead and can't wait to show you all pictures and videos of him. I do not know when I will be going to Bulgaria yet but as I find out the next steps I will let you know.

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