Monday, December 30, 2013

Many Faces...

....of children who are waiting for a family.
Some pictures of orphans who are waiting for parents to come and adopt them. They live in orphanages in the country where my son lives. One of these boys may be my son depending on who my agency chooses for me. I am doing a blind referral where I do not request a specific child but my agency will pick a file that fits within the parameters my social worker and I have given.
There are many children who are waiting for families to adopt and love them. I do not know the specific number of orphans or how many of them have downs but I do know that there are many children waiting and who all they want is a family to love them and bring them home.
It is a country that is open to single moms and families of all sizes. It takes around 18 months to complete the adoption of a child with disabilities. It involves two trips (although some families only go on 1) and they are open to people over the age of 25 years old.






Are you my family?!?!?!

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