Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Half Funded!

When I started the process to adopt I thought that it would be a painful experience saving and raising the funds. It has been alot of work but people have been so generous to me and I am so blessed to be able to say that my adoption fund is at $18,554! Thank you for the ways that you have given so that my child will know the love of a forever family. I am blown away with how God has provided and I know that my son will be a reminder of his provision and faithfulness. I look forward to seeing how he will provide the remaining funds.

Already paid:
Application fee: $3000
Criminal Record Checks: $100
Immigration: $100
Notary: $30
Fee for Bulgarian Program to my BC Agency: $5500
Psychiatrist fee: $750

Coming up:
Social workers traveling expenses: approx $200
Notary: $56
Translation and to get the papers authenticated: approx $1500
BC Agency Fees: approx $10,000
Travelling expenses for two trips
As well there will be other fees and expenses along the way.

Hopefully in one year my adoption will be complete as I would love to for him to be home for Christmas!
Merry Christmas!!!

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