Monday, July 14, 2014

Meet My Future Son

I met my future son today!

We arrived at our hotel got some things together and left for the centre where he now lives. What a change from his previous life at the institution in a neighboring city. We drove up and it is a new building and so nice.

You walk in through the gate and into a shoe room and then into the main room and there were children and youth all sitting around (10ish) and I scanned but could not see Wyatt. He was sleeping on a chair in front of where I was standing and he's tiny so I couldn't see his head over the back of the chair.

One of the staff woke him up and stood him up and he came to me and let me pick him up and hugged me so tight. The water works started for Andrea and I. He's more cuter than I imagined!  He's gonna be a charmer. 

He did get overwhelmed at one point and I just held his hands so he would stop pulling my hair.

He is taller than I expected (40 Inches). And he has narrow feet (size 8).  He fits size 12 months paints and around a size 2 shirt.

I got to feed him his lunch and watch them get him ready for bed. He eats puree with minimal chunks and can't really chew it seems- they gave him a bit of a cookie and he wasn't sure what to do with it.  

The facility is build and run by the UN- it is new. He shares a room with one person. He has a twin bed, desk and cabinet for his clothing.

He was suppose to start a new program today -like special needs school with physio and speech. Because we are here he will start next week!

The staff seem very nice.

There are an array of needs in his home from 1 girl who is very smart and she is there because of her CP- very minor. She is 11 and would love a family. She stole my heart.

He sleeps 9-730
8-830 eats

"Hello and Why" he was saying!!

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