Friday, July 11, 2014


I have been in Bulgaria for over 24 hours!

We spent 5 nights in London seeing the sights and finding out where are the best places to find inexpensive gluten free meals. It was a busy 4 days but a great time. It was Andrea's dream and I have come to have a deeper appreciation for the history of the Royal Family. We were up at 3:30am and flew out at 9:00 for Bulgaria yesterday.

We arrived in Sofia and the translator picked us up. Well Andrea went with him and I took a taxi with the rest of the luggage ( we brought to much for their tiny cars here). The taxi dropped me off at the side of the road by the agency office and I waited with 3 suitcases for the translator and Andrea to arrive. We left 3 of our bags at the office and then went to our hotel to check in. We stayed at Sofia Place Hotel which is at the heart of the city. Driving by you would have no idea that there was a hotel there and that it would be nice.
The translator brought us to get our lev's out and then we relaxed by watching the Calgary Stampede in our hotel room after going to a local store to grab some supper. At 7:15pm the founders of my Bulgarian Agency came to bring us out for supper (a surprise for us-good thing I had a small first supper). It was nice meeting them and seeing how they desire to grow their agency and have more Canadians adopt through their agency. They seem to have the interest of the children in mind and they were telling me about a 3 year old girl with DS who needs a family....any takers?!?!?

Today Andrea and I took a 7 hour bus ride from Sofia to Burgas. We are staying at the Fors Family Hotel and then Monday we take the bus to Yambol to meet Wyatt!

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