Monday, July 27, 2015

Wyatt's 8th Birthday!!!

8 years ago a very young Roma lady had just given birth to her first son. He was blessed with an extra chromosome and because of that he became an orphan. He waited until just before his 7th birthday to meet the lady who wanted to be his forever Mom. Boy has his life changed a lot in the past months.

Today is his first birthday surrounded by family. Today he is a son, nephew, grandson and friend. He is loved and amazing! He is such a blessing! Watching Wyatt flourish in our family has reminded once again that children need families to love them and nurture them. Adoption changes lives and I am so grateful to everyone who made Wyatt's adoption a reality. Thank you!

Happy Birthday Wyatt! Your Mama loves you more than words can describe! I'm so glad that you are a Keno now and are apart of our big, unique and fun gang.

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