Friday, May 1, 2015

Three Months Home in Pictures

Wyatt has been home for 3 months next Tuesday. I wish I could fully capture and show you the changes we have seen in him. His personality comes out more each day and he is figuring out that he can have a say in life. He is very confident in situations that he is comfortable in. He is such a loved little boy and I can't imagine my life without him.


January/first 3 days of February

She came back for me!

February at Home

First time he wasn't scared of the bath and he got into the empty tub on his we keep the bathroom door shut!


Family walk

He thought he was pretty funny as he was pulling out the chives/grass

He thought he would taste the Easter egg dye

First Easter Egg Hunt! Papa found my eggs and i cuddled with Nana

I used to be so sad of the swing but now i love it!

Easter Outfit from Uncle Brent

if i leave my bedroom door open this is where you will find him now!

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