Saturday, November 29, 2014

Today I was thinking about how each of my family members who have been adopted have a different story. They all have stories that include the loss of their birth family. Because of their losses we have the blessing of calling them family.

I was looking through old pictures today and that is what caused me to think through this today. It was a picture of Brent and his birth mom. She loves Brent and I say she made the hardest decision when she gave Brent to our family. Because of his health and disability he would not have received the care he needed to live in HK. She loved him so much she gave him hope and a future. She is a hero.

Wyatt will not remember that he lived with his birth family for the first year of his life. I will tell him that he was loved by his mom and that she did not have the resources to care for him. It was not a choice she made but it was made for her. Now he has a Mom who loves him. A Mom who will be there for him each day. A Mom to tuck him in each night and to meet his needs.

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