Monday, September 1, 2014

Finacial Update/Upcoming Fundraisers

Well I have learned that even if you think you know how much something will cost it always seems to cost more than expected! Adoption seems to have a lot of hidden costs that they do not list on the break down sheets. So today I have re-looked at what I need to raise and unfortunately it is around $39,000 that the adoption is going to end up costing ( that is as long as there are no unexpected surprises going forward). That means I have $7000 left to raise before Wyatt is ready to come home.

I have 4 last fundraisers planned and I am hoping that it will bring me close to the amount needed.

1. In late October I will be hosting another online auction with many items that will be great for Christmas presents!! If you wish to donate any items please let me know!

2. I will be doing a Purdy's Chocolate fundraiser at Christmas again for local families.

3. Lastly, you can purchase magazine subscriptions HERE and 37% of the profits go towards my adoption.

4. If you live locally and have returnable drink containers I have an account at the Parksville Bottle Depot and you just have to ask them to put it towards the "Keno Adoption Fund".

Thank you for your support. I could not have done this without each of you!

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  1. I am sooo excited for the auction! Well, and for Wyatt to come home of course ;-)