Monday, January 26, 2015

Wyatt's Room

A year ago I had decided that we would go with a hunting/wilderness or a cowboy room. We went to JoAnn's in California and we found cowboy fabric that we loved and so the theme was decided. We also added a few items from our "quick" afternoon (turned into evening) trip to Tijuana.  Andrea got some amazing deals at Hobby Lobby's and Cabela's in May.

Sign  and curtains made by me. One hat is from Mexico and the other from the SOS 

Papa is making Wyatt a special bed! Latern's Andrea got from Cabela's

All the way from Mexico

Wyatt's red dresser painted by Bea's Nest

Shelves were a team effort which Papa headed up

Saloon doors were also a team effort (a purchase from the SOS)

My Mom found a matching teddy bear to the one I received as a baby

Woody from our friends and Mickey from Auntie Andrea
I am so grateful to my Dad for all his help; we could not have done it without him. As well Andrea is my interior designer. I gave her some ideas and she ran with it and I am thrilled how it turned out.
Thank you so much for your help Andrea and Dad. In 8 sleeps Wyatt will be home to enjoy it.

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