Saturday, January 31, 2015

Gotcha Day- January 31st!!

We arrived in Bulgaria on January 30th! We stayed at the Budapest Hotel.

I woke up at 4am (thanks jetlag) and at 6:45 we started getting ready. We had breakfast and then brought all the donations down to the lobby to wait for Ginka and Vladimir.

We left at just after 8:00am for Yambol. We arrived around 11.

Thank you to everyone who gave so that we could bring gifts to each of the children at the centres. We were also able to donate over $2000 to start the fund for a van/bus for the centres.
They had Wyatt all dressed and ready to see us! I do not think he recognized us but he was very excited to have attention and lots of hugs. He melted my heart once again.

Mama is back!!!

Wyatt's special Gotcha Day outfit picked by the staff at the centre!

Meeting Nana through Skype!

I'm A Keeper!!

Jammies from his cousins!

We went back to the hotel and "met" Nana and Auntie Krista! Then we went out to Jumbo and the mall for supper.

At bedtime we had some tears from Wyatt but we were able to settle him down and that was the only night he cried. He slept like a champ!

Wyatt has grown at least 1-2 sizes since July! He has grown in height and in his frame as well. He looks so great! No more size 12 months capri's! He just fits size 3 and will be in size 4 any day!!

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