Monday, May 4, 2015

Three Months Home Update

Wyatt which means strong and brave is so fitting for him. He is brave and is becoming very strong. He holds our hands when he needs assurance or will ask to be picked up when he needs the extra safe feeling but he once he is comfortable he walks around with authority like he owns the place.

We are making ground in the area of eating. He mainly eats pureed food still and he sure loves his food but he is open to trying other things now. He is starting to have some baby cookies and puffs that dissolve easily and is now showing interest in my food. He doesn't get how to chew but he is trying. He has a square of a Caramilk bar a day- this is his feeding therapy ;)  He will try to chew it and moves it around until it melts.We are starting feeding therapy in June with his new Occupational Therapist.

Typical day of meals
Breakfast: baby cereal, fruit and yogurt
Lunch: pureed meal that contains meat, dairy, starch and veggies
Snack: pudding, apple sauce or runny jello
Supper: pureed meal that contains meat, dairy, starch and veggies
Snack: Fruit

We have decreased his meals to have typical amounts of fat and just use pediasure when we are out as a meal replacement. He has gained weight and is now 40 lbs. He has gained so much strength and muscle and is officially in a size 4 or 5 clothing size. He is now 42" and last time we measured him he was under 40".

Hitting, biting, scratching, hair pulling, head butting, etc is decreasing. It comes out when he is over stimulated or tired. For example he decided 4:30 was a great time to get up for the day this past week and so we saw the behaviours more that day. Where today he slept amazing and there was nothing. It is decreasing a lot though and we are seeing huge strides in this area.

My son who before wouldn't stand on anything except the floor will now stand up on the couch, his bed and he even got up and stood on the stool after he saw me do the same. He is becoming so brave and confident. He is so proud of himself when he masters new things.

He loves to swing now. He got a new slide this week and although he isn't able to climb up himself (he learned today how to climb up himself) he loves sliding down it. When Wyatt used to go outside he would sit in one place and not move. Now he marches around and will interact more with the toys and items in the back yard. He loves to swing and yesterday started to walk up the slide on our castle and then he would turn around, sit down and slide down. He learned how to climb up into his castle tower and was so excited that he learned how to walk up the slide to the top.  It is not a very big slide but it shows he has confidence now to try new things on his own. He loves to be near and watching what our respite children and his cousins are doing.

Last week he said "hi" twice and he continues to say "up", "mama", "mom" and "dada". We are working on "caca (Auntie)" next.

I applied for the At Home Program and last week he was accepted into the program. This means that we now have funding for therapies and so he starts with a occupational therapist on Monday. We can also increase the amount of visits from the physiotherapist. We are still waiting to get into speech therapy.  As well, the funding pays for his diapers and wipes amongst other things. I am grateful that our BC Government has this program. 

Saturday we went swimming at our local pool and he loved it and didn't seem to be phased by the different temperatures of water. He held onto me the whole time but he would blow bubbles and did enjoy his time. He is going to love his kiddie pool this summer.

I love Wyatt and i am so thankful I am his Mom. He adds adventure to our home and lives. He adores his Auntie Andrea and showers us with kisses each day.

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