Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Officially, I have been a Mom for 5 months. As I reflect about Wyatt's adoption I am so grateful that Bulgaria gave me the honour of becoming Wyatt's Mom. I do not take it for granted that they were so generous with me. I'm thankful to the people in Bulgaria who did/do love Wyatt and cared about and for him while he waited for me.
Wyatt has a light in his eyes and he knows he is loved. It comes out more each day with added personality and confidence. I do not have to tell him that he has a bright future- he knows he's going places.
He is learning to jump now on solid ground and is not afraid of climbing. He loves to dance to music and comes running if he hears it on. He's a country fan (might be because that's mainly what he hears)!
He still yells at people when we are out and pulls out his Mr Weeze sounds but he has toned it down a bit. It is his way of letting people know he's there and gaging their comfort level with him it seems. He wants his presence to be known.
In 2 months tomorrow Wyatt will turn 8 and it will be his first party surrounded by family. I am not sure he'll get the presents or the cake yet but he'll know he's loved. July will also bring the year mark from when I met him.
He sure has brought a new dimension and added joy to our lives and family.
He makes us laugh so much with his different expressions and he showers Andrea and I with tons of kisses. He gives the best hugs and if he wants up he won't quit until someone picks him up.
He still loves his chocolate pudding and fruit puree's the most. He likes pretty much anything we give him though as long as its pureed. We are thickening his drinks as well now and this has helped him be able to drink more at a meal. We will be starting the process of building his mouth muscles so he can chew and swallow properly. I have a knowledgeable lady assisting me in this and we will take it each week at a time and introduce things as he's ready.
I know that some people struggled with my decision to adopt and I want you to know that each day I know more certainly what I did was right for Wyatt and I. Each day isn't easy but the best things in life aren't easy. They require work and will have challenges. I was obedient and it was and is a journey of faith and trusting God. It wasn't what I pictured my life being like for my 29th year but boy is it a year to remember. Everything from people's generosity, to God providing meat for us, to God providing answers to prayers. I have no doubt this is where Wyatt is meant to be and that at this time in my life I was meant to adopt.
God asks us all to walk out our journeys in different ways. Whatever He calls us to do we need to say yes and be obedient. One day we will all stand before God and answer for our obedience and disobedience. We won't answer for our neighbours, friends or family members; just our own. I want to stand before God one day and know that I did my best. With this in mind I pray that pleasing God and following Him guides my actions. I don't know what the days and years ahead will hold but I do know that I have the honour of raising my son as part of whatever journey comes our way.

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