Thursday, May 22, 2014

Next week it will be 9 months since I sent in my application to adopt- if it was a pregnancy I would be preparing for the birth of my child. Instead, I am waiting for my dossier to be submitted and then will wait the 2 or so months to receive Wyatt's official referral and invitation to travel.

I am so thankful to be on this journey but also as it gets real I realize life is going to be changing. My hearts is jumping for joy while my head is trying to think through the changes ahead.

I have packed the toys I will be bringing for Wyatt and I to play with just have 2 more things I want to add. I have packed suitcase number one with Smoked Salmon, Chocolate, gift bags and other Canadian gifts. I have bought the medications I will be bringing with me (gravol, immodium, advil, etc) and have some gluten free snacks bought. I have made my list and am making sure I have enough outfits to get me through a week.

Things are starting to get real....

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