Monday, January 6, 2014


Adopting is a humbling experience. It is a time for me where I have had to ask for help and then allow people to support me. I prefer being the person who gives and cares for others and I like to be independent so I am learning to put my pride on the shelf.

I have been so blown away with how much people have come along side of me and I know that I could not do it without each of you. I still have people who think I have lost my marbles but I am trying to grow a thicker skin so it doesn't bother as much I know without a doubt that I am walking the path I am suppose to right now.

Last week, I was a bit discouraged as I was thinking about how I have only found one grant that as a single Canadian that I can apply for...well when I woke up I had a message waiting for me from Katie....

(Background is that Jon and Katie were at their extended family reunion from Jon's Moms side. Jon worked at camp with my family and then he married Katie whose sister has downs. They have three beautiful daughters; one from Bulgaria with downs. Jon's dad was my pastor for my teenage and young adult years- he was someone who I looked up to and had the upmost respect for.)

"Us grandkids also got to be educated on some of the family business this year. We were also given the opportunity to decide where to give a large some of money for charitable donations. This was a pretty amazing experience for me. From 25 people we had about 20 suggestions of where to give them money. Lots of great recommendations, all of which had a special meaning to the person suggesting it. We each had less than a minute to let the group know about our charity and why they should get them money before we cast some votes to see which charities could be eliminated. I was one of the last to make my suggestion. Mine was a little different since no tax receipt would be included for the company. I didn't suggest a registered charity but instead a person for her adoption of a little boy with DS from Bulgaria. She is also going in to this with no kids of her own yet and no partner.

(A little back story on this soon to be mom, Heather. She is the oldest daughter of the Keno family. The Keno's are the family that introduced Jon to people with special needs and have adopted 5 children with  special needs themselves. 4 from the Ministry, 3 with Down Syndrome, and 1 of those with DS was an international adoption from Bulgaria just before us. They prepared Jon for my world and influenced our decision and ability to adopt greatly! Now Heather is on the same journey and we get to be a part of it!)
I was SO humbled by what happened next. With only my short explanation of why I thought Heather should get some money, it was unanimous that she would be getting some of it! I LOVED watching all Jon's cousins cast their votes. The only question was how much. We unanimously agreed in a short 30ish minutes that Heather would be getting 50% of our donation and the other 50% was divided between 5 other charities, some very big well known ones and some smaller ones that the cousins have personally volunteered at. I had tears in my eyes. I was so honoured to have been able to let them know about this adoption and see them all jump on board whole heartedly to support something that is so dear to my heart. It was VERY cool to see and be a part of. Something I'll never forget."

All I could say was "wow" and I was humbly reminded that God has been providing and here he was again providing. I am humbled that a large group of people would soften their hearts and listen to Katie's request. I am humbled that they love Jon and Katie's daughter (she was adopted from Bulgaria and has Downs) so much they would see the value in adoption. I am humbled that they would bless me and it took a day or two for the news to sink in. I shed some tears of thankfulness and I cannot wait to thank them one day with a picture or even better with meeting my son.

With their generous gift my adoption fund will read $21,054!! My dream going over the $20,000 is coming true. Thank you to each person in the family who decided to come alongside of me; know that I am so thankful and my son's middle name will be a reminder of your gift. I am humbled by your generosity. Thank you!

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