Monday, October 28, 2013


I am half done my home study process and we are on track to having our last session on Dec 6th or 7th.  Then my social worker will write up a home study report and my agency will approve it.

When you are adopting you have the option of waiting until your home study approved before you pay the next fee and start collecting the parts of your dossier. Or you can do them at the same time so that you are able to submit soon after the home study is done. I will be making my next payment this week so that I can start the process of gathering all the parts of my dossier. Paperwork has a time period that it is good for and so once it passes a specific time frame you have to get it redone and so my goal is to have to not have to redo redoing papers and documents means more expense I have to pay.

On Sunday, Aiden saw me holding one of the little guys who comes to our house for respite and he asked Mom "Did Heather get her boy from Bulgaria?" I am excited to see him understanding that I am adopting and that he will have a nephew from Bulgaria! I cannot wait to introduce them to each other.

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