Thursday, July 30, 2015

6 Months

 I love you so much! You are such a joy and full of life now.You make me so proud. I love being your Mom. I am so grateful that I followed God on this adventure.

I love watching you explore and learn that you love new things. Once you try something a couple times you seem to master it.

Your sense of humor comes out more each day and boy do you think you're funny (we would agree). You think it is the funniest when you try to get away while we are out. You like to chase and be chased. You love to follow your cousins, uncles and friends around. 

You're growing like a weed and look so healthy and strong.
 (Clothes size: size 5 clothes, size 6 diapers and size 10T shoes Height: 43" Weight: 42.6 lbs)

Your favourite words are "mama", "dada", "lala" and any sounds that are loud. You can say "hi" and "up" but only when prompted and when you want too.

You love to...
...give kisses
...give hugs and cuddles with Mom
...go on road trips 
..."ride" your bike but you do not appreciate wearing your new helmet
...wade in the ocean 
...go for walks
...climb up and down Nana and Papa's stairs
...swing on swings
...relax in your water table at the park
..."reorganize" Aunties room
...walk holding our hands be tickled and laugh life!

Food: still just eating pureed food but you are accepting some textures within them now! You like to chew on chives and this week your favourite drink is pureed watermelon. Your favourite sweet is still chocolate pudding.

Future plans: Starting school in September and heading to DisneyLand in the fall.

When you are scared or hurt you cry now and seek comfort. You know that I am your Mom and that I am here for you. You know that you are loved.

The past 6 months has flown by and I am so excited to see what the next 6 months holds for us. I can't imagine what skills you will be learning and I hope that your growing spurt slows down a bit so that we don't have to move up another size before the fall.

You make me so proud.
Love Always,
Your Mama

 Pictures of a handsome son and his thankful mom!

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