Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Newest Canadian!!

Wyatt travelled like a champ. Only slept the last hour of the flights but he loved cuddling and climbing over us.
As we were getting ready to land in Canada I started to get teary as I thought about what this meant for Wyatt. He was going from a country where they do not understand the value of children with disabilities to a country where he will have so many opportunities and a promising future. He went from an orphan to a loved son, grandson, nephew and cousin.
He no longer will spend his hours without knowing the love of a family. He is loved, wanted and cherished. He is a dream come true.
As we were walking from Immigration to see Mom, Aiden and Katie the emotions came flooding over me as I realized he's mine and He is a Canadian. There is one less orphan in the world tonight.

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