Sunday, September 21, 2014


I received an email from my agency to say that starting next week (tomorrow) I can expect to hear about a signature and court date. This doesn't mean that next week I will get the email I am waiting for but it does mean I am getting closer. The judges are starting to come back from their summer vacations and so people are getting dates. It is the waiting game continued but I know that each day I am closer to bringing Wyatt home and most days that keeps my emotions in check:)  I do miss him and want him home with me but then I also realize that I have lots to do in the coming months and so I am working hard at getting things checked off my list.

Yesterday, we moved our extra beds and some items we have been given into a storage unit. God has been providing used things through friends this past while and so I am trusting that when the timing is right that God will provide us with a bigger house. We love our house we are renting right now but we are realizing that we will need 2 more bedrooms coming up so that our respite kiddo's have their own rooms. For now we are content and will continue to accept things that people no longer need.

I was given some adoption scrapbooking supplies and so I am excited to start Wyatt's first album that we can look through together and I can tell him all about how loved he is by so many. People have sacrificed and given so that he has an opportunity to live in a family. I am grateful for the people around me who see that Wyatt is worth loving and fighting for.

As much as I had the opportunity to meet Wyatt and spend 5 days with him I cannot wait to really get to know him. I also cannot wait to introduce him to everyone and I know that many be limited at first so that he has time to adjust to life in Canada with a Mom but eventually he will have an opportunity to meet all of you. He may never be able to say the words thank you but he will be able to use his smile and laughter to do that.

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