Wednesday, April 23, 2014

And We Now Wait...

I am at the process of my adoption where the paperwork is done for now and there is nothing I can do to rush the process or move it along any I am waiting....and waiting....

I am passing the time by:
  • sewing Wyatt's new quilts (one for his crib and one for his bed)
  • reading Adopted for Life by Russell Moore next up is The Connected Child
  • taking up jogging/running (before you get excited we are attempting a 5km run at the end of June- we just started last week and so we'll let you know how it goes)
  • gathering decorations for Wyatt's room
  • starting to think about hosting another auction in November as my last fundraiser (hopefully)
  • working hard
  • sewing blankets to bring to Bulgaria
  • collecting things that Wyatt will need once he comes home
  • checking my email too many times per day waiting for adoption news....
  • connecting with people who have wisdom and knowledge to share that will assist once Wyatt is home.
  • spending time with family!

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