Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Yesterday, I was thinking about how I should be preparing for my son. I was thinking about how when you have a baby there are lists and lists of the things you have to get/buy (carseat, crib, diapers, stroller, carrier, blankets, diaper cream, special shampoo, baby laundry soap, clothes, etc), you have to come up with a name or a list of names and prepare for the birth and baby stages through different classes and readings. You know that within 9 months the baby will arrive.

There are similarities for me as I walk down the road to bring my son home. I will need to buy/get many items (I have a carseat, some toys and depending what size he is maybe some hand-me-downs from my nephew), pick a name and I have been going through adoption classes with my social worker. I just do not know if I need to get clothing in 12 months, size 3 or size 7 and I am not going to buy clothing in everysize just incase:) As well, will I need a highchair, crib and baby toys?

Somethings I do know- that he will have two middle names and my last name, he will have a room decorated with love just for him (Andrea will be assisting me or maybe its more accurate that I will be assisting her- I have come up with the theme and an idea of what I want and she will run with it) and many homemade blankets. He will be loved deeply by his family and I pray that he will come to accept the love quickly and feel safe in my home.

It is surreal to think that just maybe he will be home next Christmas and be experiencing his first Keno Christmas! I cannot wait and I remember how special it was when Aiden had his first Christmas with us. Even though some of us were sick it was so much fun watching  the joy on his face as he experienced each of our traditions.

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  1. I can't wait to watch you go through the process also!! :)